After her first film “Clandestine” won a Festival “Best Short Film” Award and was selected to air as part of BET’s The Best Shorts,
Condra’s passion for filmmaking was cemented.  Since then she’s worked with a number of artists and brands to share their music, stories and products
with the masses as well as her own.

Invoking her innate storytelling sensibility with each and every film – no matter its length, type or genre – is what sets Condra apart from others.
“I inherited the gift of writing,” she contends, paying homage to her mother who is a poet.  “For me, everything starts with the story, whether I’m translating
the lyrics of a song on film, introducing a new product to a consumer, exploring the intricacies of someone’s life story
or crafting a fictitious tale purely for entertainment.”

“There’s an expression that ‘there are no new stories.’  While that might be true,
I love the challenge of telling them in a unique and clever way.  And I especially enjoy the element of surprise.  I want to make you feel…I want to sweep you off your feet.”

        Behind The Scenes


Condra enjoys the challenge of coming alongside brands to deliver compelling campaigns in 30 seconds or less. Getting her start with small businesses and mom and pop shops helped her to refine her craft and led to opportunities with larger brands like Smirnoff, Scandanavian Tobacco Group, New Era and others.


With a knack for befriending and disarming subjects, Condra’s ability to extract honest, organic, and intimate moments on camera through her narratives sometimes seem effortless.  Part of it is innate driven by her earnest desire to exhibit compassion.  Often times it’s attributable to her humble upbringing which allows her to easily empathize.  But an equal part is due to her study of subjects and her insatiable appetite for storytelling and acquiring on-screen allies.


Once she left her corporate job and stepped into the film arena, like many directors, Condra got her feet wet in Music Videos.  She’s worked with a number of up and coming and independent artists, amassing millions of YouTube views.